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those crazy kids

I need a job!!!

I love my kids more then life itself.  I love being home with them during the day but I am so not used to this kind of energy.  I need to get a job….soon.

I think part of the problem is that as much as I love my babies, we need to have 2 incomes.  That makes it even harder to enjoy my days with them.


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Connections to the Past

I have to start this post with a flashback….About six or more months ago Harry mentioned something about talking to “Grandfather”.  He mentioned it several times in a 2-3 day span.  Nothing specific but it was odd.  He had not been to see a grandparent for a while.  I have a strong belief in the spirit world and was curious but when Harry didn’t bring it up anymore neither did my husband or I.

So, today Harry went with Daddy to see Grandma C.  They were looking through pictures, Harry was asking for help to identify different family members when they came across a picture of my husband’s Grandfather B who passed away 7 years ago (Harry is 4).  Harry pointed at the picture and said “I know who that is.  It is Grandfather, I saw him once.”

I got a chill when Hubby told me about it.

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It’s just pretend

Me: “Come here Harry, so I can kiss you all over your face”

Harry: “I will call the police on your”

Me: “Oh no, don’t do that”

Harry: “It’s okay, I just had a pretend phone”

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When Lightening Strikes

It is storming out right now.  I love a good storm, as long as we are talking weather storms.  I hate life storms, but I do enjoy when someone is out there trying to start a storm in your life but it turns out to amount to nothing but a cool, humorous breeze.

My hubby is a restaurant manager.  In that line of work there is always on thing you can count on….working with with immature.  Hubby had one girl work for him that was a bit upset with him and quit – I think it mostly comes from the fact that she wanted to be manager…but I could be wrong.  She sent my hubby a text threatening to tell me that he is flirting with the girls at work….REALLY???  I think the funny thing is that he tells me just about everything, and I married him knowing he was a flirt (Hello???  How do you think he got me?).  So, right now my hubby and I are enjoying a good laugh at her expense.

The scary thing is that she is a lunch lady at a school that my daughter will be attending next year if we move to the apartment we are looking at….hehehehe and I am saving every text message, IM and email she sends.

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Harry just told my mom “I love you, and your hair looks like a tube sock”

HUH??? – I am guessing it came from a cartoon but who knows.

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Who’s on my side

I think my hubby and I are about to have a bit of an argument.  We looked at one apartment together and then I went to look at one by myself.  I want the first one.  The rent is $100 a month less and it has a garage, but internet and cable are not included.  The way I figure this place would be about $800 a month after we threw in the cable/internet package.  The second place is a bit smaller but we have to pay $40 for a garage.  That means it should cost $840 a month.  Now I am going to have to find a way to get him give me what I want.

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Define need

Harry and I  just went down to the basement to throw in a load of laundry.  Our basement is a war zone.  I have loads of junk down there that needs to be sorted and tossed out.  It is like a trip to the toy store when ever the kids get to go down with me.  Harry found a basket full of stuff he just had to have right now.  I was trying to talk him out of it, when I told him that I really didn’t need anymore crap upstairs he said to me….”I need crap”

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Harry just said to Sharon “Who do you think you are?  Mother Nature?”

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It will all come back to haunt you and other crap.

I am always saying to Harry “Oh, go on with your bad self” when ever he is “practicing” Kung Fu or telling big stories about flying jets.  Well, last night I had a headache, was really tired and Harry was SUPER chatty.  I said “Harry, just go on”  and he replied “with my bad self”.

Then today in the car we picked up a friend of Sharon’s.  D had a birthday last Sunday and Sharon’s was Wednesday, so we picked up D and went to the local botanical gardens, which features a butterfly house.  It was just us three girls till it was time to pick up Harry and Dad to go eat.  On the way to the restaurant (Fuji Japanese Steakhouse – OMG yummmmyyyyy)  D made a comment about how cute Harry is.  The no he isn’t, yes he is fest went on for a couple of minutes when Sharon busted out with “Well, he poops in his pants, still think he’s cute?”

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My oldest son is a true blessing.  He is a kind soul who tries to act tough.  He torments his brother and sister but I have not doubt that his level of protection for them is only surpassed by their actual parents.

Jacob and I spend the first 10 years of his life alone – just us two against the world, that has helped us form a bond that is strong.  I do not have greater love for Jacob then my other two – that is like comparing infinity to infinity, I have a different love for Jacob.  He is a tender person, he is smart (way too smart), he is funny, he is chatty and he knows way too much about things no one else would ever think to store in their brains.

Jacob is a book of random thoughts and useless facts (or seemingly useless, until you need to know one of them).  Sometimes I get tired listening to him, not tire of listening, I get tired because he makes me have to think.

My dad is very sick with cancer, he  helped raise Jacob, my parents were my babysitting system when I was single.  My dad put Jacob on the bus and met him after school everyday.  He was more of a father to Jacob then his actual father.  Tonight Jacob went to spend a couple of days with the grandparents…I am so proud of him.

In August he is leaving for the Navy….my baby will be all grown up.

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