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I am not sure if I can get back into the blogging thing but I really should – go back and reading old post I realized that there has to be loads of things my kids have done that I forget.  So, one day at a time, I am going to try to do some posting.  Tomorrow’s goal is an update on what the kids are upto.


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WOW – it has been a year and I am missing sharing so many things about my children.  Harry is in Kindergarten – Sharon in 3rd grade and Jacob is now a certified surgical tech for the US Navy….

I really need to get back into this and really share some stories.

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Look’n Good Poppa

Today when I picked up Harry at Preschool he had made Daddy pipe cleaner and pony bead necklace.  I had to stop by a the event Jud was working at and Harry presented him with his gift.  Of course, being a good dad he promptly put it on.  Harry took one look at his dad and said “That looks so handsome on you and you don’t even look old.”

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WOW – where have I been

I just realized that I have not posted since my father passed away – on July 12th I started and new job and lost my father. I am amazed at how much time as come and gone.

Jacob has joined the Navy – graduated boot camp and will be graduating from the Naval Hospital Corps school the February 15th. Harry will be 5 on the14th and Sharon has started 2nd grade. And we moved. No wonder I haven been blogging – I have been BUSY!!! Well, hopefully it won’t take me so long to make my next post.

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What does it say about my life that the highlight of my day or perhaps even month is that Harry pooped in the potty?  TWICE!!!!

I had to bribe him with a lunchable, which took a couple of days to make sure I really was going to not ever buy another one till he actually pooped in the potty.

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I need a job!!!

I love my kids more then life itself.  I love being home with them during the day but I am so not used to this kind of energy.  I need to get a job….soon.

I think part of the problem is that as much as I love my babies, we need to have 2 incomes.  That makes it even harder to enjoy my days with them.

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Who’s on my side

I think my hubby and I are about to have a bit of an argument.  We looked at one apartment together and then I went to look at one by myself.  I want the first one.  The rent is $100 a month less and it has a garage, but internet and cable are not included.  The way I figure this place would be about $800 a month after we threw in the cable/internet package.  The second place is a bit smaller but we have to pay $40 for a garage.  That means it should cost $840 a month.  Now I am going to have to find a way to get him give me what I want.

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My oldest son is a true blessing.  He is a kind soul who tries to act tough.  He torments his brother and sister but I have not doubt that his level of protection for them is only surpassed by their actual parents.

Jacob and I spend the first 10 years of his life alone – just us two against the world, that has helped us form a bond that is strong.  I do not have greater love for Jacob then my other two – that is like comparing infinity to infinity, I have a different love for Jacob.  He is a tender person, he is smart (way too smart), he is funny, he is chatty and he knows way too much about things no one else would ever think to store in their brains.

Jacob is a book of random thoughts and useless facts (or seemingly useless, until you need to know one of them).  Sometimes I get tired listening to him, not tire of listening, I get tired because he makes me have to think.

My dad is very sick with cancer, he  helped raise Jacob, my parents were my babysitting system when I was single.  My dad put Jacob on the bus and met him after school everyday.  He was more of a father to Jacob then his actual father.  Tonight Jacob went to spend a couple of days with the grandparents…I am so proud of him.

In August he is leaving for the Navy….my baby will be all grown up.

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Miracles and Weddings.

My niece is getting married on Saturday (just annouced it Tuesday).  All the quick planning and figuring out what is needing to be done I was reminded of something K said when she was little.

K was just 2 1/2, she had been in a cast from the hip do the ankle on, I think her right leg (doesn’t really matter which).  I was babysitting one night and she stepped on a little piece of glass, just a small sliver.  I pulled it, out gave lots of kisses and a pink bandage.  Not one to miss an opportunity to grab some extra attention K decided that her injury was going to prevent her from walking.  That evening I indulged her a bit – why not it was almost bed time.

The problem came the next morning, she was a stuborn little girl and she still was not going to walk.  Well, we just kind of ingnored her thinking she would get bored with her little game but she held on.  Around 1 in the afternoon my brother suggested a trip to the local ice cream store on the way to taking me home.  K was so excited till Daddy told her that if she couldn’t walk she couldn’t have ice cream.  That is when my niece came up with one of my all time favorite kid quotes.  K, with all the drama of one of the great silver screen stars of the 1940’s, ever so cautiously stood, slowly and tentively coming to her feet she spread her arms and looked up to the heavens and declared; “Wook Daddy, it’s a muracle, I can walk!!”

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The weather outside is frightful….

WOW!!!  More snow.  They are saying 6-8 inches before tomorrow morning but we already have 3+. Tomorrow the winds pick up so I am guessing another snow day.

I made the comment yesterday to Harry that we are living in a snow globe.  He looked at me like I had finally completely lost my mind and said “No? we live in a town”.  Yeah, a town in a snow globe.

Jacob is getting ready for school.  I know how much he hates PE but if he doesn’t finish two PE classes this semester he doesn’t graduate, if he doesn’t graduate he doesn’t get to leave for the Navy in August.  If I go right now and crawl in bed I can sleep for 30 more minutes……

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