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Father/Daughter Dance

Father/Daughter Dance

I have to share this picture because of my hubby’s CRAZY EYES. He was totally not ready – It looks like I sent my daughter to the dance with the local wacko. Minus the crazy face, they do look good together – and YES!! I made that dress.


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Harry just said to Sharon “Who do you think you are?  Mother Nature?”

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It will all come back to haunt you and other crap.

I am always saying to Harry “Oh, go on with your bad self” when ever he is “practicing” Kung Fu or telling big stories about flying jets.  Well, last night I had a headache, was really tired and Harry was SUPER chatty.  I said “Harry, just go on”  and he replied “with my bad self”.

Then today in the car we picked up a friend of Sharon’s.  D had a birthday last Sunday and Sharon’s was Wednesday, so we picked up D and went to the local botanical gardens, which features a butterfly house.  It was just us three girls till it was time to pick up Harry and Dad to go eat.  On the way to the restaurant (Fuji Japanese Steakhouse – OMG yummmmyyyyy)  D made a comment about how cute Harry is.  The no he isn’t, yes he is fest went on for a couple of minutes when Sharon busted out with “Well, he poops in his pants, still think he’s cute?”

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Wanna Bet?

Conversation between Sharon and her Poppa late last night.

Sharon: Where did Momma go?

Poppa: To the store.

Sharon: I think she went to get my new swimsuit.

Poppa: No, hun she just went to run an errand.

Sharon: Ok, but if she brings back a new swimsuit you owe me $3.

Next Morning (after Sharon found out I did get her a new suit)

Poppa: OK, here is the $3 I owe you.

Sharon: OH, I meant to say $6.

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Home Alone?? I wish.

Seriously?  You would think that the 18 year old could leave the 6 and 3 year olds alone.

If one more person says to me “I’m hungry” I am going to scream.  The only one of the three that seems to be able to get his own snack is the one that I do not want in the fridge.

I was so looking forward to hubby coming home from work at 2 – maybe a little late lunch with just the two of us….but NOOOOOO Sharon had to puke last night.

Just another day of motherhood I guess.

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Sharon: Mom? Have you seen that black thing?

Me: Yes, I have seen lots of black things?  Like over there, I see Daddy’s black belt.

Sharon: (eye roll) Nooooo, that one black thing that’s brown.

At that point the conversation just went down hill and Sharon left the room in disgust.  I am still trying to figure out how what black/brown thing she was talking about.

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Reality Check

Me: You are so sweet, will you be my best-friend when I am old?

Sharon:  You are old.

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How to pick a name….

So here is the story of how we (Krissy and I) came to the name for my blog.

Sharon was about 2 1/2.  My husband was studying for finals, it was close to bedtime so he took a break.  The three of us were laying on the bed reading a bedtime story – probably the 3 Little Pigs – The story had come to an end, Daddy and I got involved in some conversation about some mundane mommy/daddy stuff and Sharon became a  bit bored with us.

Before we even realized it she was standing up between us (we were both laying on our stomachs).  The best way to tell this is to just give the dialog – but keep in mind the whole time I was trembling, with my face in the pillow.

Sharon (gently tapping my head with her book):  You’re a smartass

Sharon (gently tapping her father): and You’re a smartass

Daddy (with out hesitating a second): As smart as a what?

Sharon (with hands on hips and head tipped to one side):  Not smart AS Poppa; SMARTAAASSSSSS

Mommy: gasp for air

Daddy: That is not a nice thing to say.

Sharon: OH!  (repeat earlier tappings) You’re a monkey… and You’re a monkey.

Mommy (still gasping): I….can’t….breath.

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