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Following Your Dreams!!

This is what Harry just told me:

I am going to follow my dreams.  I am going to move to Hollywood and make a movie like Scooby Do only with different characters!!!


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Hairy Harry

I just gave Harry his summer buzz.  It almost brings me to tears because he has such beautiful thick dark brown hair, with just enough wave in the back to give it a bit of a flip.  Plus he looks so much like a little boy and not a baby when he has his summer cut.

The upside to all this is that my neighbors will be wondering who shaved a bear in the back yard.

(I will post a picture when my batteries are charged LOL)

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Connections to the Past

I have to start this post with a flashback….About six or more months ago Harry mentioned something about talking to “Grandfather”.  He mentioned it several times in a 2-3 day span.  Nothing specific but it was odd.  He had not been to see a grandparent for a while.  I have a strong belief in the spirit world and was curious but when Harry didn’t bring it up anymore neither did my husband or I.

So, today Harry went with Daddy to see Grandma C.  They were looking through pictures, Harry was asking for help to identify different family members when they came across a picture of my husband’s Grandfather B who passed away 7 years ago (Harry is 4).  Harry pointed at the picture and said “I know who that is.  It is Grandfather, I saw him once.”

I got a chill when Hubby told me about it.

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It’s just pretend

Me: “Come here Harry, so I can kiss you all over your face”

Harry: “I will call the police on your”

Me: “Oh no, don’t do that”

Harry: “It’s okay, I just had a pretend phone”

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Harry just told my mom “I love you, and your hair looks like a tube sock”

HUH??? – I am guessing it came from a cartoon but who knows.

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Define need

Harry and I  just went down to the basement to throw in a load of laundry.  Our basement is a war zone.  I have loads of junk down there that needs to be sorted and tossed out.  It is like a trip to the toy store when ever the kids get to go down with me.  Harry found a basket full of stuff he just had to have right now.  I was trying to talk him out of it, when I told him that I really didn’t need anymore crap upstairs he said to me….”I need crap”

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Harry just said to Sharon “Who do you think you are?  Mother Nature?”

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It will all come back to haunt you and other crap.

I am always saying to Harry “Oh, go on with your bad self” when ever he is “practicing” Kung Fu or telling big stories about flying jets.  Well, last night I had a headache, was really tired and Harry was SUPER chatty.  I said “Harry, just go on”  and he replied “with my bad self”.

Then today in the car we picked up a friend of Sharon’s.  D had a birthday last Sunday and Sharon’s was Wednesday, so we picked up D and went to the local botanical gardens, which features a butterfly house.  It was just us three girls till it was time to pick up Harry and Dad to go eat.  On the way to the restaurant (Fuji Japanese Steakhouse – OMG yummmmyyyyy)  D made a comment about how cute Harry is.  The no he isn’t, yes he is fest went on for a couple of minutes when Sharon busted out with “Well, he poops in his pants, still think he’s cute?”

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Harry, The baby of the family

Harry is my mover.  He is sweet and loving but doesn’t have time for snuggling, he has too many things to take apart.  Harry doesn’t see the benefit and using things as intended.  Foam blocks must be attached to items and pens have pointed ends for just the purpose.

Harry is the most likely of all my children to come, out of the blue, Say “I love you” and walk away.

Harry says things that we have no idea where they came from.  The other day he said something was “frig’n dumb” ???  Not a phrase I recognize from daily use at home but who knows….I think he stores things up, saves then for weeks, then cracks them out when least expected.

Harry lives by his own sets of rules.  Which worries me and makes me proud all at the same time.  Oh and Harry also has a fiance.  He insist that when he goes up he is going to marry “Nancy” (not her real name).

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Isn’t it obvious?

The other day I asked Harry how he knew daddy was a boy, maybe he was a girl…(yes I know, this could have turned out VERY bad).

His answer: “cause he is mart and hamsome”

I was trying to get Harry to repeat this to Daddy so again I asked the same question (tempting fate, I know)

His answer the second time: “cause I lub him so berry much”

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