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those crazy kids

Look’n Good Poppa

Today when I picked up Harry at Preschool he had made Daddy pipe cleaner and pony bead necklace.  I had to stop by a the event Jud was working at and Harry presented him with his gift.  Of course, being a good dad he promptly put it on.  Harry took one look at his dad and said “That looks so handsome on you and you don’t even look old.”


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WOW – where have I been

I just realized that I have not posted since my father passed away – on July 12th I started and new job and lost my father. I am amazed at how much time as come and gone.

Jacob has joined the Navy – graduated boot camp and will be graduating from the Naval Hospital Corps school the February 15th. Harry will be 5 on the14th and Sharon has started 2nd grade. And we moved. No wonder I haven been blogging – I have been BUSY!!! Well, hopefully it won’t take me so long to make my next post.

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