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Yesterday we had to move my step-dad to Hospice care.

I have to start with telling you I hate to refer to him as my step-dad because that just takes away from who he has really been in my life.  My dad passed away when I was 16, he was a wonderful man, he taught me about integrity, loyalty, work-ethic and trustworthiness.  My mom married my second dad when I was 19.  Dad2 taught me how to be an adult.  He took the base that my dad built and reinforced it.

Almost two years ago Dad2 was told he only had 4-6 months to live.  Last night my mother read to me a list of blessings that were brought into his live in the nearly two years since we were told he had cancer.  Our family has truly been blessed to have these two years.

In the last 2 years:

  • He got to meet his Great-grandson (his bio daughters grandchild)
  • He has seen 4 grand-kids graduate high school
  • I graduated college (much bigger deal to him then I knew according to mom)
  • He got to walk one grand-daughter down the aisle at her wedding
  • He got to spend time with Jaxon (the newest great-grandchild, born in May, who I believe he was waiting to meet)
  • He got to help Sharon find the kittens that momma cat hid in the tires (Might not sound like a big deal to you and me but it was huge to Sharon
  • He explored the world of bugs, golf cart rides and dog chasing with Harry
  • He got to see Jacob follow in his foot steps and join the Navy

There are more, many more.  I am so happy that we had these last 2 years and I am going to miss him so much.  I have teased him for years that “when there are two ways to do something he always picks the hard way, if it is harder it must be better”

God be with you till we meet again.  I will look forward to meeting both my dads at the gates.


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Ship Ahoy Matey!!

Jacob’s recruiter just asked him if he would be willing to leave for boot camp more then one month early.  If things work out he will be leaving for the Navy in just 5 instead of 45 days.  I have not shed one tear over his decision to join the military.  I think it is a wonderful idea…but when faced with the possibility that he could be leaving in less then a week I lose my breath and my heart starts to flutter.

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Hairy Harry

I just gave Harry his summer buzz.  It almost brings me to tears because he has such beautiful thick dark brown hair, with just enough wave in the back to give it a bit of a flip.  Plus he looks so much like a little boy and not a baby when he has his summer cut.

The upside to all this is that my neighbors will be wondering who shaved a bear in the back yard.

(I will post a picture when my batteries are charged LOL)

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What does it say about my life that the highlight of my day or perhaps even month is that Harry pooped in the potty?  TWICE!!!!

I had to bribe him with a lunchable, which took a couple of days to make sure I really was going to not ever buy another one till he actually pooped in the potty.

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I need a job!!!

I love my kids more then life itself.  I love being home with them during the day but I am so not used to this kind of energy.  I need to get a job….soon.

I think part of the problem is that as much as I love my babies, we need to have 2 incomes.  That makes it even harder to enjoy my days with them.

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Connections to the Past

I have to start this post with a flashback….About six or more months ago Harry mentioned something about talking to “Grandfather”.  He mentioned it several times in a 2-3 day span.  Nothing specific but it was odd.  He had not been to see a grandparent for a while.  I have a strong belief in the spirit world and was curious but when Harry didn’t bring it up anymore neither did my husband or I.

So, today Harry went with Daddy to see Grandma C.  They were looking through pictures, Harry was asking for help to identify different family members when they came across a picture of my husband’s Grandfather B who passed away 7 years ago (Harry is 4).  Harry pointed at the picture and said “I know who that is.  It is Grandfather, I saw him once.”

I got a chill when Hubby told me about it.

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It’s just pretend

Me: “Come here Harry, so I can kiss you all over your face”

Harry: “I will call the police on your”

Me: “Oh no, don’t do that”

Harry: “It’s okay, I just had a pretend phone”

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When Lightening Strikes

It is storming out right now.  I love a good storm, as long as we are talking weather storms.  I hate life storms, but I do enjoy when someone is out there trying to start a storm in your life but it turns out to amount to nothing but a cool, humorous breeze.

My hubby is a restaurant manager.  In that line of work there is always on thing you can count on….working with with immature.  Hubby had one girl work for him that was a bit upset with him and quit – I think it mostly comes from the fact that she wanted to be manager…but I could be wrong.  She sent my hubby a text threatening to tell me that he is flirting with the girls at work….REALLY???  I think the funny thing is that he tells me just about everything, and I married him knowing he was a flirt (Hello???  How do you think he got me?).  So, right now my hubby and I are enjoying a good laugh at her expense.

The scary thing is that she is a lunch lady at a school that my daughter will be attending next year if we move to the apartment we are looking at….hehehehe and I am saving every text message, IM and email she sends.

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Harry just told my mom “I love you, and your hair looks like a tube sock”

HUH??? – I am guessing it came from a cartoon but who knows.

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Who’s on my side

I think my hubby and I are about to have a bit of an argument.  We looked at one apartment together and then I went to look at one by myself.  I want the first one.  The rent is $100 a month less and it has a garage, but internet and cable are not included.  The way I figure this place would be about $800 a month after we threw in the cable/internet package.  The second place is a bit smaller but we have to pay $40 for a garage.  That means it should cost $840 a month.  Now I am going to have to find a way to get him give me what I want.

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