…and You're a monkey!

those crazy kids


Harry just said to Sharon “Who do you think you are?  Mother Nature?”


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It will all come back to haunt you and other crap.

I am always saying to Harry “Oh, go on with your bad self” when ever he is “practicing” Kung Fu or telling big stories about flying jets.  Well, last night I had a headache, was really tired and Harry was SUPER chatty.  I said “Harry, just go on”  and he replied “with my bad self”.

Then today in the car we picked up a friend of Sharon’s.  D had a birthday last Sunday and Sharon’s was Wednesday, so we picked up D and went to the local botanical gardens, which features a butterfly house.  It was just us three girls till it was time to pick up Harry and Dad to go eat.  On the way to the restaurant (Fuji Japanese Steakhouse – OMG yummmmyyyyy)  D made a comment about how cute Harry is.  The no he isn’t, yes he is fest went on for a couple of minutes when Sharon busted out with “Well, he poops in his pants, still think he’s cute?”

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