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those crazy kids


My oldest son is a true blessing.  He is a kind soul who tries to act tough.  He torments his brother and sister but I have not doubt that his level of protection for them is only surpassed by their actual parents.

Jacob and I spend the first 10 years of his life alone – just us two against the world, that has helped us form a bond that is strong.  I do not have greater love for Jacob then my other two – that is like comparing infinity to infinity, I have a different love for Jacob.  He is a tender person, he is smart (way too smart), he is funny, he is chatty and he knows way too much about things no one else would ever think to store in their brains.

Jacob is a book of random thoughts and useless facts (or seemingly useless, until you need to know one of them).  Sometimes I get tired listening to him, not tire of listening, I get tired because he makes me have to think.

My dad is very sick with cancer, he  helped raise Jacob, my parents were my babysitting system when I was single.  My dad put Jacob on the bus and met him after school everyday.  He was more of a father to Jacob then his actual father.  Tonight Jacob went to spend a couple of days with the grandparents…I am so proud of him.

In August he is leaving for the Navy….my baby will be all grown up.


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Wanna Bet?

Conversation between Sharon and her Poppa late last night.

Sharon: Where did Momma go?

Poppa: To the store.

Sharon: I think she went to get my new swimsuit.

Poppa: No, hun she just went to run an errand.

Sharon: Ok, but if she brings back a new swimsuit you owe me $3.

Next Morning (after Sharon found out I did get her a new suit)

Poppa: OK, here is the $3 I owe you.

Sharon: OH, I meant to say $6.

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