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those crazy kids

Happy New Year.

I am ending my year with a 3 year old boy wearing fake pink press on nails, a 6 year old who can’t wait to try a champagne toast, an 18 year old that can’t wait to find someone to hang out with that isn’t a parent, and a hubby that has to work till after 10pm.

This year has been an interesting one.  And the next should be even more so.  I will be out of school in May so we will be moving out of family housing.  Jacob will be heading to the US Navy in August.  WOW, I am going back to the grownup world about the same time that Jacob is entering for the first time.

Happy New Year to Everyone that happens to stumble by.  May the blessings for God shower upon you this coming year and many years to follow.


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Home Alone?? I wish.

Seriously?  You would think that the 18 year old could leave the 6 and 3 year olds alone.

If one more person says to me “I’m hungry” I am going to scream.  The only one of the three that seems to be able to get his own snack is the one that I do not want in the fridge.

I was so looking forward to hubby coming home from work at 2 – maybe a little late lunch with just the two of us….but NOOOOOO Sharon had to puke last night.

Just another day of motherhood I guess.

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Becareful what you hear

Did you know that Fuzzy Fuzzy Fuzzy when spoken by a 3 yr old doesn’t really sound like Fuzzy Fuzzy Fuzzy.

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Off subject….

OMG – I am so mad right now.  The University has closed the Financial Aid office “to conserve energy and reduce budget cost” for this entire week.  Because of this I will have paid interest for 2 weeks on money they are holding AND my car payment will be 2 months past due before I see a dime of MY MONEY.  Seriously????  They had the money last week but they were working with a “reduced” staff…..really???  I don’t care, I just wanted to shove my foot in the girls whinny little face last week, she should be really happy that she is on “furlough” this week.  Why do people with state jobs act like they are above everyone else???  YOU WORK FOR ME!!!!


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Sharon: Mom? Have you seen that black thing?

Me: Yes, I have seen lots of black things?  Like over there, I see Daddy’s black belt.

Sharon: (eye roll) Nooooo, that one black thing that’s brown.

At that point the conversation just went down hill and Sharon left the room in disgust.  I am still trying to figure out how what black/brown thing she was talking about.

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Reality Check

Me: You are so sweet, will you be my best-friend when I am old?

Sharon:  You are old.

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Whew….here is so randomness for ya.

Classes are over and I passed them all (barely).

Speaking of academic aptitude.  I asked Harry to sing the ABC song to Krissy today, he really didn’t want to but he started….then changed his mind…it went something like this.

A.B.I hate Krissy

I felt kind of bad but it was funny and Krissy knows that kids say things like that.

Santa is coming – I am forced several times a day to go over exactly how many times we have to go to bed before he is here.

Sharon just brought me a Polly Pocket jacket and asked me to put it up – I told her to go find the zip lock baggy I gave her earlier to keep it in.  She replied in her best 6 year old whine. “Then I would have to open and close it all over again”  Seriously???

Hubby just walked in with a 12 pack of beer. I never have one but after today, at home, with the kids?  I just might.

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Lion Attacks

This has been a long week so far.  I have a nasty cold and now we are snowed in.  School was out today and again closed tomorrow.  Even the university closed today (Kind of hope for the same tomorrow, I like a snow day too)

Not feeling well reminded me of something Harry said about a year ago.  He was having some issues with some stomach flu.  Daddy asked him where it hurt and he told Daddy, “I have a lion in my tummy and he is biting me.”  I just love how kids discribe things.

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