…and You're a monkey!

those crazy kids

And don’t you forget it…

I can’t ignore Jacob.  I have to tell my favorite story from when he was younger.

Jacob was around 8 or 9.  He really wanted to go to the batting cages but it was raining and late, I just wanted to get home.  Jacob crossed his arms across his chest and declaired me the “GOD OF NO FUN”.  I slammed on the breaks, swerved the truck to the shoulder, turned to Jacob, whose eyes were the size of baseballs by this time, I pointed my finger in his terror filled face and said:  “I am a girl, that makes me the GODDESS OF NO FUN, and don’t you forget it”  I then put the truck back in first gear and pulled away.  About 2 minutes later I had to pull over again because we were both laughing so hard I couldn’t see to drive.


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Call it like you see it…

My house is a mess.  It is always a mess.  It is just the way things are when you live in 650 sq feet with 3 Adults and 2 kids.

Daddy came home from work to get his cell phone charger.  His attempted to get in the front door (I guess I don’t really need to specify which door, since we just have one) was slowed by a stack of furry animals that Harry (3 yr old) had arranged as an obsticle coarse for his monster truck.  This did not make Daddy very happy.  He banged around the kitchen, found  the charger and left mummbling something about too many toys, having a bonfire, and nothing but clothes for Christmas.

You know the feeling of eery peace after a storm?  It was like that, Harry and I just looked at each other.  Then Harry broke the heavy air with this simple observation:  Daddy just had a hissy fit.

Yeap – that is what is was, a hissy fit.  We all have our moments I guess.

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How to pick a name….

So here is the story of how we (Krissy and I) came to the name for my blog.

Sharon was about 2 1/2.  My husband was studying for finals, it was close to bedtime so he took a break.  The three of us were laying on the bed reading a bedtime story – probably the 3 Little Pigs – The story had come to an end, Daddy and I got involved in some conversation about some mundane mommy/daddy stuff and Sharon became a  bit bored with us.

Before we even realized it she was standing up between us (we were both laying on our stomachs).  The best way to tell this is to just give the dialog – but keep in mind the whole time I was trembling, with my face in the pillow.

Sharon (gently tapping my head with her book):  You’re a smartass

Sharon (gently tapping her father): and You’re a smartass

Daddy (with out hesitating a second): As smart as a what?

Sharon (with hands on hips and head tipped to one side):  Not smart AS Poppa; SMARTAAASSSSSS

Mommy: gasp for air

Daddy: That is not a nice thing to say.

Sharon: OH!  (repeat earlier tappings) You’re a monkey… and You’re a monkey.

Mommy (still gasping): I….can’t….breath.

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